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Did you know sensitive teeth can be treated? Yes, it’s true! Many people live with sensitive teeth each day thinking there is no hope for them to have restored oral health. The good news is there are things you or your dentist can do to help you with your sensitive teeth, so you can go back to enjoying your favorite treats again.

Our dentist, Dr. Mark Anderson, cares about your oral health and can help you with your sensitive teeth. That is why our team at Anderson Dental Care in Fairfield, California, is excited to share with you some basic tips on how to treat your sensitive teeth.

Here is a list of how to treat your teeth:

– Visit your dentist to discover the cause and get the proper treatment to improve your oral health.

– Try sensitive toothpaste to help your teeth slowly over time as you brush your teeth.

– Keep brushing each day regularly in case plaque or bacteria is causing your sensitivity.

– Flossing your teeth is vital in case the reason for your sensitive teeth comes from something you can’t see being stuck between your teeth or deep along the gumline.

– Mouthwash can help strengthen your tooth enamel with the use of fluoride to help strengthen your teeth and reduce sensitivity.

– Fluoride gel can also help decrease sensitive teeth and strengthen tooth enamel.

If you are ready to restore your oral health, or if you are sick or your sensitive teeth, please call us today at (707) 425-0646 to schedule an appointment. Our friendly dental team is happy to help you and restore your oral health in any way we can.