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Sports drinks have become popular over the years, but they may not be all that helpful for your teeth. They can increase the risk of cavities and erode your teeth enamel. We can explain how this happens and what you can do to avoid it.

The problems with sports drinks are the large quantities of sugars they carry and how acidic they can be. Also, when you get dehydrated, the lack of saliva can enhance the effects of sugar and acid.

As you may know, sugar can increase your risk of cavities. This is because certain bacteria that reside in your mouth feed off sugar, which triggers them to produce acids that erode enamel. The resulting holes are called cavities. Unfortunately, higher sugar content in sports drinks leads to higher risks.

The acid content in the drinks does not help either. The high acidic content can erode your enamel, thereby weakening the teeth.

When you get dehydrated while performing some activity, you might look for a sports drink, but the dehydration can enhance the erosion effects. When dehydrated, you would produce less saliva, and saliva is necessary to clean foods and other things from your teeth. Without it, the sugars and acids can remain where they continue to harm your teeth.

The best way to prevent these effects and promote good health for your teeth is to reduce the amount of sports drinks you might consume. You can instead drink water, which can provide all the hydration you really need. Water has none of the negative effects, and it can be useful to produce the highly important saliva.

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